KENNY sweatshirt is made of a two-layer smooth knit of the finest fiber, therefore the material will never scratch or itch. Flat seams ensure comfort. The wool is highly antibacterial and ensures the removal of moisture, so you will still feel dry even when you sweat. We recommend it as a middle and top layer for sports and casual wear. Sophisticated fit - ensures comfort¢ Decorative full zipper - can cover the entire neck in cold weather¢ Inserted sleeves - freedom of movement ¢ Cuffs on the sleeves “ to ensure stable location¢ 2 side front pockets - keep your hands warm¢ 2 inside pockets - for safe storage ¢ Intended as a middle or top layerMERINO WOOL:¢ heats or cools exactly according to the current needs of the human body¢ removes moisture from the skin surface¢ thermo-insulating even when wet¢ highly antibacterial and microbial therefore it naturally eliminates orders and can go between washes longer¢ does not irritate the skin¢ very breathable¢ eliminates the effects of UV radiation¢ non-flammable¢ natural material
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Material: 100% Merino Wool