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LASTING is among the most leading and respected of Czech companies with almost 30 years of tradition. Its success in the Czech Republic and abroad is associated with the production and sale of functional underwear and socks made of MERINO wool and other materials. Founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic, the company, with its 50 employees is one of the most traditional European manufacturers of specialized clothing for sports, outdoor and work. All products are made in house in our facility in Sokolov, Karlovy Vary region.

Our assortment

LASTING initially engaged in the production of socks and functional underwear from technical materials. Thanks to our advanced technological procedures we manufacture the highest quality functional socks and apparel made of merino wool and synthetic materials. We differentiate ourselves by being one of only a handful of companies that utilizes the softest merino wool available, (16 microns). This Merino Wool does not scratch and is pleasant to the touch. Our products have received many awards for high quality and functionality.

We currently have over 1,000 different products in our assortment and annually produce close to 350,000 pairs of socks and 100,000 pieces of functional clothing in our own factory near Karlovy Vary. This represents a knitting consumption of about 25,000 Kg of merino wool and 25,000 Kg of additional materials per year. We sell world wide to over 50 countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Norway and the USA.

Each piece of clothing and socks passes through the hands of several personnel during production. Their professional work, experience and enthusiasm are truly invaluable. The result is the highest quality of assurance. Thanks to this, the LASTING brand is moving forward into an extraordinary position.

Our philosophy

Our company minimizes negative impacts on the environment resulting especially from production activities, company growth and new products development. We cooperate exclusively with producers guaranteeing ecological treatment of materials and ethical handling of animals. The continuous perfection of production technology along with application of the most recent trends in the graphical design and careful choice of materials ensure a good position of the products LASTING among the competition in the markets. Our products are reputed for their high quality and functionality. In order to guarantee the highest possible quality of our products, we have introduced a quality control system following the regulation EN ISO 9001:2009.


We care about the environment. We are one of the modern and progressive industrial companies striving to reduce our carbon footprint. We try to reduce or eliminate any negative impacts of our production. We restrict the use of plastics in packaging materials. Our own photovoltaic power plant, placed on the roof of our building produces 35% of the energy we use, in addition to the other mechanisms of conservation we incorporate. Our woolen yarn comes from certified farms in Australia that guarantee the ethical treatment of animals and do not practice mulesing.

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